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CalmForce Solutions has been invited to provide web development consulting services to PERFECTLY POSH, LLC. Perfectly Posh will rely on CalmForce Solutions to implement a number of custom Drupal 7 modules and features for Drupal Commerce, in particuar for the fulfillment and stock management. 

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CalmForce Solutions decided to make Drupal 7 module User Badges Taxonomy developed for and actively used by Norton Community available to wider Drupal development community. 
The module employs fieldable Taxonomy Term entity to implement functionality of customizable user badges based on its own vocabulary. It allows to associate any user role to a badge in 'User Badges' vocabulary.
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May, 2014

CalmForce Solutions has been hired to provide development  of custom mission-critical back-end Drupal 7 functionality for Norton Community that is going to migrate from Lithium CMS to Drupal platform.

Dynamic GeoWeb

GeoWeb module allows switching between different GIS base layers and overlaying a variety of geospatial features on the top of any base layer.

Execution of R statistical software scripts on the web server and displaying the results in a browser’s Google Earth plugin.

GeoVideo module manages a unique type of content – recordings of Full Motion Video (FMV) from Remotely Piloted Vehicles, a.k.a. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

GeoWeb modules have been designed to store and share geo-specific information, such as maps, shapefiles, KML and KMZ files and links to external servers providing WMS and WFS services.

Spatial point cluster analysis visualization with “R-to-Google Earth” module; It shows the locations of over 5,000 violent events for the Afghanistan and Pakistan conflicts during 2008 and 2009