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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. hired CalmForce Solutions to improve performance of internal Drupal Commerce portal BuyerConnect, the site connecting thousands of Walmart store purchasing managers across the globe with a network of suppliers. Some operations have been improved in speed up to 20 times when utilizing custom code optimizations implemented by CalmForce development.

The site is not publicly acceptable, so we provide here only a screenshot instead of the public link.


CalmForce Solutions has been invited to provide web development consulting services to PERFECTLY POSH, LLC. Perfectly Posh will rely on CalmForce Solutions to implement a number of custom Drupal 7 modules and features for Drupal Commerce, in particuar for the fulfillment and stock management. 

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CalmForce Solutions decided to make Drupal 7 module User Badges Taxonomy developed for and actively used by Norton Community available to wider Drupal development community. 
The module employs fieldable Taxonomy Term entity to implement functionality of customizable user badges based on its own vocabulary. It allows to associate any user role to a badge in 'User Badges' vocabulary.
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The video clips below present examples of MPEG-4/H.264 video encoding algorithm optimization, developed by CalmForce for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (a.k.a Remotely Piloted Vehicle) video sensor digital stream. The method is based on the human eye distinction between foveal vision and peripheral vision, discovered ages ago by Leonardo da Vinci. In order to utilize this phenomenon, the Region of Interest (ROI) in the center of the frame is encoded with increased quality (lower quantization parameter (QP)) in comparison to peripheral areas of the frame. Size of the ROI varies from 50% to 33% of the entire frame while QP ratio varies from 2:1 to 4:1. With minimum visible degradation of the picture quality the video bitrate changes 3:1, from 1024 kbit/sec to 366 kbit/sec.

Fixed QP: 1024 kbit/s

Small UAV Raven video with fixed quantization parameter; bitrate: 1024 kbit/s

ROI-based QP: 512 kbit/s

Small UAV Raven video with ROI-based quantization parameter and distributed I-frame. The I-frame build up is visible in the beginning of the clip. The ratio of quantization parameter (QP) out/in ROI (centered in the frame) is 2:1. The video bitrate is 512 kbit/s - half the original - with no visible degradation in picture quality. The reason for this phenomena is the distinction between foveal vision and peripheral vision, discovered ages ago by Leonardo da Vinci.

ROI-based QP: 366 kbit/s

SUAV Raven video with ROI-based variation of quantization parameter (QP). QP changes 4:1 while transitioning from periphery to the center of the frame with somewhat smaller size of the ROI. The bitrate is 366 kbit/s, about 1/3 of original.