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CalmForce Solutions has been invited to provide web development consulting services to PERFECTLY POSH, LLC. Perfectly Posh will rely on CalmForce Solutions to implement a number of custom Drupal 7 modules and features for Drupal Commerce, in particuar for the fulfillment and stock management. 

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CalmForce Solutions decided to make Drupal 7 module User Badges Taxonomy developed for and actively used by Norton Community available to wider Drupal development community. 
The module employs fieldable Taxonomy Term entity to implement functionality of customizable user badges based on its own vocabulary. It allows to associate any user role to a badge in 'User Badges' vocabulary.
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May, 2014

CalmForce Solutions has been hired to provide development  of custom mission-critical back-end Drupal 7 functionality for Norton Community that is going to migrate from Lithium CMS to Drupal platform.

Drupal Association MemberCalmForce Solutions

CalmForce is a Philadelphia-based web development company.  We specialize in Drupal and provide a variety of web design and development services to customers all across the world.  We pride ourselves on our attention to quality, swift execution, and effective communication with clients.

  • Custom Module Development: get your web application custom-tailored to your needs.
  • Enterprise Search: Combine Drupal with Apache Solr for Enterprise class search and faceted browsing.
  • Optimizing, Scaling & Performance: using industry best practices to make your community site lightning-fast

Featured Projects

Norton Community

Calmforce Solutions has been providing development services for Norton Community web portal since spring of 2014 and developed significant amount of custom mission-critical back-end Drupal 7 functionality

Symantec Connect

Calmforce Solutions has been providing development services for Symantec Connect community forums since 2012 and developed significant amount of custom mission-critical back-end functionality

NAEYC Families Site

New Drupal 7 site features information on quality child care and preschool programs, plus an NAEYC-Accredited program search.


E-commerce site with a custom theme developed from scratch from Photoshop PSD files

Ashihara Contact

Martial Arts School, truly bilingual site with auto translation

Chatten Associates

High-tech company, a Defense Contractor


Philadelphia Jazz Band - with venue maps and galleries

UPenn IR Program

International Relations Program at UPenn

APA/AIA Placement Service

The APA/AIA Placement Service Web Application permits both job candidates and hiring institutions to register and to submit interview scheduling information online.

Bikram Yoga Philadelphia

Bikram’s Yoga College of India, Philadelphia is a well established yoga community in Philadelphia.

UPenn EALC Department

EALC is a department of interdisciplinary scholars who focus on the humanistic tradition of East Asia, covering both the classical and modern civilizations of China, Japan and Korea.

Historic St. George's United Methodist Church

Historic St. George’s Church is a National Landmark, a treasured church in the methodist history

NAEYC Online Store

NAEYC Online Store offers more than 800 products for the Education of Young Children