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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. hired CalmForce Solutions to improve performance of internal Drupal Commerce portal BuyerConnect, the site connecting thousands of Walmart store purchasing managers across the globe with a network of suppliers. Some operations have been improved in speed up to 20 times when utilizing custom code optimizations implemented by CalmForce development.

The site is not publicly acceptable, so we provide here only a screenshot instead of the public link.


CalmForce Solutions has been invited to provide web development consulting services to PERFECTLY POSH, LLC. Perfectly Posh will rely on CalmForce Solutions to implement a number of custom Drupal 7 modules and features for Drupal Commerce, in particuar for the fulfillment and stock management. 

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CalmForce Solutions decided to make Drupal 7 module User Badges Taxonomy developed for and actively used by Norton Community available to wider Drupal development community. 
The module employs fieldable Taxonomy Term entity to implement functionality of customizable user badges based on its own vocabulary. It allows to associate any user role to a badge in 'User Badges' vocabulary.
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CalmForce Solutions was established with a mission to build new-generation web applications: dynamic, scalable, robust and expandable with a wide variety of features.  From the outset we have specialized in Drupal development and have taken on a wide variety of projects, building full websites from scratch as well as offering consulting services for specific development tasks.  

Calmforce developers have attained great proficiency in site design and Drupal theming, constructing sophisticated views for data visualization, writing custom back-end modules, e-commerce integration and site performance optimization.  In addition to the core development team in Philadelphia, CalmForce has an extensive network of graphic designers and additional developers available to help with specialized tasks and large projects.  

We are proud to have developed strong, lasting relationships with all of our clients- a result of our great responsiveness to their needs and unshakable attention to quality.  We have built full websites for a number of small businesses, such as Bikram Yoga Philadelphia.  We have also worked with large organizations such as University of Pennsylvania and Symantec Corporation.  Calmforce has done development on a number of sites for multiple departments at UPenn and is an approved provider of web development services for the university.

Some things never change for us from project to project.  We always take pride in the quality of our work, and we are always as happy as our clients are when we see their ideas transformed from the drawing board to the functional website they had envisioned.

About the Founder

Vladimir G. Ivanov, Ph.D., MBA

Vladimir has over 15 years of experience with developing software applications and managing development teams.  Immediately prior to founding CalmForce, Vladimir served for four years as the President and Chief Software Architect for SleepEx, a company dedicated to providing web applications for polysomnography data analysis.  Prior to SleepEx, Vladimir served for five years as Chief Software Architect for Pro-Tech Services, the parent company of SleepEx.

A few years ago, Dr. Ivanov had recognized that the open-source Drupal CMS is the best foundation for creating interactive web applications.  Vladimir decided to shift his focus to web application development on the Drupal platform.  Thus CalmForce Solutions was born, and it has been rapidly gaining momentum ever since.